Vision Fund

The Vision Fund supports the life-changing ministries of WMU. The Vision Fund supports WMU ministries including Christian Women’s Job Corps®/Christian Men’s Job Corps®, Missionsfest and Familyfest, WorldCrafts, and Project HELP.

Isaiah 58:10 Campaign

The Isaiah 58:10 Campaign supports WorldCrafts by providing the funding to pay artisans a sustainable living wage and bring their products into the United States for sale. Your gift allows WorldCrafts to provide ongoing orders to global partners, many who are completely dependent on these orders for their livelihood.

Jackson/Reese Endowment for WorldCrafts

This endowment supports WMU’s fair-trade ministry, allowing new artisan groups to produce quality products.


Created to honor the memory of a long-time WMU employee, the Marti Solomon Endowment supports the ministries of WMU through a yearly distribution to the Vision Fund.

Jennie Bristol Diaz Endowment for Language

The Diaz Endowment supports missions education and ministry materials for multiple cultures.

Dixon Endowment for Mission Friends

The Mission Friends Endowment helps start new Mission Friends® organizations and provide training for Mission Friends leaders.

Marjorie McCullough Girls in Action Endowment

The Girls in Action (GA) Endowment supports the growth of missions education for girls in the United States and around the world.


The RA Endowment provides training and development opportunities for RA® leaders and assists boys in attending RA camp.

wanda lee joy fund

The Wanda Lee Joy Fund provides a solid financial foundation for the operational expenses of national WMU.