Two ways to purchase a brick:

two sizes of bricks to order:

 Regular size:  $250 gift

Regular size:  $250 gift

 Large size:  $500 gift

Large size:  $500 gift

Call us at (205) 408-5525 or email us at
if you have questions or need help with your brick purchase.

WMU's Walk of Faith is a new honor/memorial garden for the WMU missions community. 

You are welcome to purchase a brick for an individual, your family, a church, or a missions group. Your brick will be part of the Walk of Faith on New Hope Mountain in Birmingham, Alabama. 

When you purchase a brick, 100% of your money goes to the Wanda Lee Joy Fund to meet WMU’s operational needs.

Walk of Faith

Read the inspiring stories creating this Walk of Faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

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