Johanna Dawson

When I think of Johanna Dawson, the tall, joy-filled woman who has been my missions heart partner for almost half a century, the first phrase that comes to my mind is “Too Many to Count.”

A Sunbeam/Mission Friends leader, she instilled a missions heart in children, their children, and their children’s children—too many to count—and mentored countless others as they in turn became leaders.

Her and Roy’s home was a nurturing ground for countless young women as they found their place in service for God, and a refuge to so many missionaries when they came home.

Miles traveled across New Mexico training leaders, cards of encouragement to and prayers for missionaries—by far too many to count.

She was New Mexico WMU president from 1987-1991. When I became state director I had the joy of taking her to visit Sanyatee, Zimbabwe—one of the many mission stories she taught.

Johanna Dawson, mission leader, mentor, encourager, pray-er—you have left beautiful footprints— “Too Many to Count.”

Dr. Judith Edwards, in honor of New Mexico missions leader, Johanna Dawson