Barbara Curnutt

Only Eternity will reveal the true impact of Barbara Curnutt's leadership in missions and a lifetime of praying for all the peoples of the earth.

Her passion for missions was ignited as a GA growing up at Baptist Temple in San Antonio. Recently, we were talking about Lottie Moon and the impact of one solitary, focused life, and Barbara shared this story:

"I grew up at Baptist Temple in San Antonio during its heyday, where I was exposed to some of the finest statesmen/women in Southern Baptist life. The autographs in my childhood Bible reflect that reality. Missionaries galore filled our pulpit. Charles Culpepper of the Shantung Revival was one I specifically remember.

When I was a child, two elderly missionary sisters, Hannah Sallee and Mrs. Mamie Sallee Bryan, moved into a house across the street from the church. As a GA, I remember sitting on the floor of their house on Wednesday nights listening to stories from China, where they had served. They talked of knowing and working with Lottie Moon, but I was too young to fully grasp the significance.

Later in life I learned that Mrs. Bryan's husband, Robert T. Bryan, was the one commissioned by the Foreign Mission Board to travel to San Francisco to meet the boat carrying Lottie's ashes which he express mailed to the Foreign Mission Board in Richmond.

I'm so thankful for my rich missions heritage."

Carol Childress, honoring Barbara Curnutt