The application deadline for 2018 has passed. We cannot accept applications that are past deadline. Check back in September for the 2019 application.

PLEASE NOTE: For those who have applied for a scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year, please note that the award committees will make their decisions by June 2018, at which time all applicants will be notified if they have been awarded a scholarship or not.

Hey Scholarship Applicants,

We know you are looking for the scholarship application and endorsement forms (which you can find below). But BEFORE YOU SCROLL, we wanted to reintroduce ourself. We are the WMU Foundation, and we do more than just pray for missionaries; although, we do pray for you.

  • We are a supporter of WMU, missions, ministries, and, of course, YOU! 
  • We give scholarships because missionary families are on the field fulfilling the Great Commission (or you are preparing to go yourself and fulfill the Great Commission), and that's something we're pretty excited about.
  • We advocate on behalf of people coming out of human trafficking so they can come to know Christ as their refuge and strength. 
  • We help those who are enduring the hardships of natural disasters around the world so others can be the hands and feet of Christ.
  • We support fair-trade artisans who need an income with dignity and hope in order for them to know Christ as their ultimate Hope.
  • We encourage women (and men, too) who are fulfilling the Great Commission and are conformed into the image of Christ.

If you haven't picked up on it yet: we are all about Jesus and His mission.

We hope you'll take time to get to know us more because we support you and want to get to know you. You can learn more of What We Do or like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

We are no longer accepting applications for 2018. Check back in the fall for next year's application.

-WMU Foundation


The WMU Foundation assists Baptist students, including the children of Baptist missionaries, and those preparing for Baptist missions service. Individuals with no Baptist connection cannot be considered for a scholarship. 

The deadline for 2018 scholarship applications was: FEBRUARY 1, 2018. We are no longer accepting scholarship applications. Please note, we will not accept late applications. Applications for 2019 will be posted in September. 

Checklist for applicants

  • You must complete and submit the application online by February 1st.
  • You must ask two references to submit an online endorsement form by February 1st:

  1. The first endorsement should be completed by a WMU leader such as a WMU director, state or associational WMU leader, church WMU leader, or other WMU connection. Please make every effort to secure a WMU endorsement - this is important because we are the WMU Foundation and WMU endorsements matter to us. We understand this might be challenging in some cases because of where your family serves. While we strongly recommend a WMU endorsement, we will take extenuating circumstances into consideration.

  2. A second endorsement should be completed by an academic source such as a recent teacher or professor.

  • Your application is considered incomplete until your references have submitted the endorsement form. Applications that are incomplete as of February 1st cannot be considered for a scholarship. Be sure to follow up with your references and ensure they complete the endorsement form by February 1st. 
  • You do not need to tell us which scholarship you are applying for. We will review your application and place it in every scholarship category for which you qualify.

Contact Information:
Phone: (205) 408-5525
Mail: WMU Foundation, 100 Missionary Ridge, Birmingham, AL 35242