How we help you invest:

We believe how we invest and manage our money matters to God. Therefore, WMU Foundation avoids investments that exploit human vulnerability. Your investment will not support companies with a significant interest in adult entertainment, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or abortion as a means of birth control.

We offer cost-effective, biblically responsible investment management services to WMU organizations, churches, missions organizations, and other Christian groups. Your money will be handled in the same Biblically-responsible investment strategy as we follow for our own endowments.

You may choose from several investment options to meet your organization’s objectives, and we provide detailed and personalized reporting. The WMU Foundation Investment Committee and our professional trust management partner carefully monitor our investment funds allowing you to focus on your organization’s long-term goals.

We currently partner with over 20 client organizations to assist them with their investment objectives. The management fee we earn from this service is put back into the mission efforts of WMU and the WMU Foundation. By partnering with us through investment management, you are also supporting the missions work of WMU.

The fee structure was very transparent and very competitive. The other thing that was very important to us was having someone manage our money who understood our mission and moral priorities and would respect that stance.

After hearing the Foundation’s approach and the way fees are turned around and put back into missions, it was a no brainer.

Our experience has been so positive.
— Dennis Anderson, former administrative pastor of Vestavia Hills Baptist Church

Contact David George for more information on investment management.