Who can use the WMU Foundation investment management services?

  • WMU groups—state, regional, or local
  • Christian institutions—churches, church agencies, state or regional groups, state conventions, educational or missionary undertakings
  • Any enterprise related to or affiliated with the WMU Foundation or Woman’s Missionary Union

How much money do you need to use the WMU Foundation investment management services?

The WMU Foundation accepts accounts of $10,000 or more. The funds must be committed for investment for three years or longer.

How much does it cost?

The WMU Foundation offers cost-effective investment management to our clients. There is no minimum fee and no fee for separate sub-accounts. See our fee schedule below for more details.

Fee Schedule for Investment Management Services

Fees are based on total assets under management. These fees cover:

  • Investment management
  • Investment performance reporting
  • Account and sub-account reporting
  • Transfers to and from funds
  • Distributions (checks) from funds
  • Secure online access to your account information

Statements are produced monthly and annually. There is no additional charge based on the number of sub-accounts, distributions by check or for transfers of assets to or from the funds. 

All fees are assessed in arrears on a monthly basis, based on the market value of the funds on the last day of the month.

Fee Schedule

Market Value  |  Annual Fee 

$0 – $2,500,000  |  1.0%   $10 per thousand

$2,500,001 – $10,000,000  |  0.8%   $8 per thousand

$10,000,001+  |  0.7%   $7 per thousand

How are the funds invested?

The WMU Foundation offers investment management services through Synovus Trust Company. We offer a variety of fund models to meet your specific needs. The WMU Foundation Investment Committee monitors the performance of these funds and makes adjustments as market conditions indicate.

To the extent possible, the WMU Foundation does not invest in companies that exploit human vulnerability such as adult entertainment (producers or providers), alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or abortion as a means of birth control. Contact us for more information about our policy.

Can you keep income and assets separated for funds with specific purposes?

Yes, you can have separate fund balances and income balances for each sub-account that you designate.

How do you decide how to invest?

You should select a model based on your income needs, the life span of the fund you’re investing, and your tolerance for risk.

Can you add more money?

Yes, you can add funds to existing accounts or create new accounts at any time.

Can you get the funds back?

You are free to withdraw your funds at any time with 30-day notice. Although you can have your funds returned upon short notice, please understand that it may be harmful to invest in the market for short periods of time due to the potential for short term fluctuation.