The WellHouse

Count the Cost: Support Artisans. Enable Hope.

She sat across the coffee shop table from me, eyes glistening with tears and explained, “I thought he loved me and would take care of me. And I ended up in forced prostitution because of debts he needed to pay. He would threaten me to not leave him. I ended up doing drugs to numb the pain. And then I was at rock bottom.”

She is not a statistic.

She is not a general statement of “human trafficking exists.”

She is my friend. My encourager. A hero of mine. And she is real.

Oftentimes, we desperately want to find opportunities to help others escape the human trafficking ring. We want to be able to support these people as they heal and develop life and job skills needed to move forward from that season of life. But we are at a loss as to where to begin.

Here’s one place to start:

The Isaiah 58:10 Campaign.

This week, you have the opportunity to provide an income to women who are coming out of human trafficking in the United States AND support more women who will be brought out of it around the world.

What will it cost you?

A minimum of $20 (or more if you choose to give more). That’s less than a week’s worth of Starbucks. That’s two lunches.

What will happen with my donation?

It will go to support WorldCrafts fair-trade artisans by providing funding for them to earn a sustainable living wage and to bring their products into the United States for sale. Your gift enables you to partner with WorldCrafts in providing ongoing orders to global partners, many who are completely dependent on WorldCrafts’ orders for their livelihood.

Extra Incentive:

And as a bonus, this week only (till July 28), when you give your donation online, you will receive a beautiful, soon-to-be-released WorldCrafts Lauren Bracelet made by women from The WellHouse (a ministry to women coming out of human trafficking located in Birmingham) and a New Hope Publisher’s book, Not in My Town (focusing on exposing and ending human trafficking and modern-day slavery).

A simple donation supports so much. The money you give will go toward sharing hope with artisans around the world through the ministry of WorldCrafts.

To learn more, go here. To give now, go here.

Let’s count the cost and support artisans enabling them to receive hope.