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A Lifetime Investment

If you’re looking for investment advice, June Morris is the woman to ask. June spent the better part of her life making investments, and, at 91 years old, she’s still going strong. Her investments have nothing to do with the stock market. June is an investor in people.

For over 25 years, June has mentored a group of five women. Through various seasons of life and a variety of ministry callings, she has been an encourager, a prayer warrior, a spiritual mentor, and a friend to a special group of women she calls “my girls.”

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“She has mentored and mothered us through the maze of life,” explains Beth Campbell, one of the women June has invested in. “We call her Mama June.”

Twice a year, all five women meet at June’s home for lunch. They laugh, and sometimes they cry, as they share memories from their 25-year history.

“We still share that bond,” says June. “Each time we are together, we thank God that He has implanted in our hearts the passion we have shared of praying, giving, going, and telling the Good News.”

June invested time and prayers into these five young women, teaching them to love the Lord, love missions, and pray without ceasing. Through the years, June’s girls have followed their individual callings, serving in various regions of the world. June’s investment in their lives made an impact the women appreciate and celebrate today.

BACK ROW: Beth Campbell, Barbara Potter, Pat Cogburn  FRONT ROW: June Morris, Jeanette Nichols, Sue Giesecke

BACK ROW: Beth Campbell, Barbara Potter, Pat Cogburn
FRONT ROW: June Morris, Jeanette Nichols, Sue Giesecke

Recently, the women donated a brick to the Walk of Faith in honor of June’s investment in their lives. June was overwhelmed at the gift and excited that the brick in her honor benefits WMU.

“My name on a Walk of Faith brick is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received, given by a few of the most precious friends God has ever given me to love,” said June. “These five friends and I have a common bond—a love for Jesus and a passion for missions.”

Many WMU women, like June, have spent years investing in others. Through prayer, giving, and serving, they have cultivated missions-centered lives and encouraged others to join them. Those investments reap the rewards of changed lives and a fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Honor your missions mentor by donating a brick on WMU’s Walk of Faith. One hundred percent of your gift supports the needs of WMU.

For more information, visit, email, or call (205) 408-5525.

If you would like to support the needs of WMU but do not wish to donate a brick, we appreciate gifts of any amount. Give online or mail your gift to WMU Foundation, 100 Missionary Ridge, Birmingham, AL, 35242.

A Brick in the Path

Can you imagine those women who gathered in 1888? Just a few years before, the Civil War had torn the country apart and most families had experienced devastating loss. These women didn’t have the right to vote and had very little independence at all.

Still, they gathered in Richmond, God calling them as Christian women to take an active part in the Great Commission. Some were fearful and uncertain, but all were committed to being part of God’s mission.

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Had these women not come together that day with the boldness to begin a new missions organization, WMU might not exist today. These women were not trying to become famous, they were simply responding to God’s invitation to tell all nations and all people about Jesus. Had they not paved the way, those of us who have been influenced by WMU might not be who we are today.  

God has designed a pathway leading us to wholeness and redemption through Christ, and each one of us is a brick in that path. We walk on the bricks of those who came before us, like those women who gathered in Richmond in 1888. Those who come behind us will walk on our bricks as they journey towards God’s plan for their own lives.

How beautiful is it to imagine God placing you into the perfect spot on the path? In His overall design, He knows exactly where you belong. He knows that each brick in the path depends on all of the other bricks because no great structure is built with a single brick.

WMU and the WMU Foundation are honoring those who have invested their lives in missions on national WMU’s Walk of Faith. This new honor/memorial garden recognizes those who are part of the WMU missions community, past and present. A special place has been reserved for the Walk of Faith at WMU on New Hope Mountain in Birmingham, AL.

When you purchase a brick for the Walk of Faith, 100% of your gift meets the needs of WMU through the Wanda Lee Joy Fund. These gifts are tax deductible.

Visit to place your order online, or email to request more information by mail.