Isaiah 58:10 Campaign

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The Isaiah 58:10 Campaign supports WorldCrafts artisans by providing the funding needed to pay artisans a sustainable living wage and to bring their products into the United States for sale.

 [ The Campaign ]

Your gift to the Isaiah 58:10 Campaign enables you to partner with WorldCrafts in providing ongoing orders to global partners, many who are completely dependent on WorldCrafts’ orders for their livelihood.

From July 24-July 28, when you make an online donation of $20 or more to the Isaiah 58:10 Campaign, you will receive a WorldCrafts Lauren bracelet and New Hope Publisher’s Not in My Town.


[ The Bracelet ]

The Lauren bracelet is made by the ladies at The WellHouse in Birmingham, Alabama. This soon-to-be-released bracelet is carefully handcrafted with beautiful beadwork. We hope when you wear the bracelet, it reminds you to pray for the women who carefully made it and for all of the people who have been or are still a part of human trafficking all over the world.

[ The Book ]

The New Hope Publishers book Not in My Town focuses on exposing and ending human trafficking and modern-day slavery. The authors’ unforgettable look into the secret world of America’s modern slave trade led to a global undercover operation to rescue victims from today’s greatest form of evil.

[ Thank You ]

When you give, you are equipping artisans all over the world with the materials, products, and wages they need. Most of all, though, you are providing them with hope. When you give, you share the love of Christ with those who may not know Him, and that is priceless. Thank you for your support.

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