What's In Your Trunk? Series

Lottie Cookie Project (5).png

When Lottie Moon left to do missions work in China, she packed her necessary belongings in a large trunk. She packed clothes and shoes and paper for writing letters. She also packed her famous tea cake recipe. For Lottie, that recipe was just as necessary as the clothes she would wear each day. That recipe was the bridge to creating relationships with the people she would soon meet.

While in China, Lottie Moon was known by many as the Cookie Maker. She would simply make a batch of tea cakes, take them to her neighbors, and start a conversation. She built many relationships through her cookie ministry and helped share the love of Jesus to those who had not heard. Lottie Moon is now one of the most famous missionaries in the world, and it all started with a recipe packed in her trunk.

What sort of legacy do you hope to leave someday? Join the Lottie Cookie Project and be a part of supporting missions while doing missions. We asked a series of writers what they would put in their metaphorical trunks in order to share the gospel and this was their response: