Scholarships and Grants

The WMU Foundation has over 20 scholarships and grants available for students all across the world. In 2011, the Foundation awarded over 70 students over $49,500 in scholarships and grants. 

We accept applications for scholarships for missionary children and general scholarships.  Please be observant of the application deadlines.

For questions regarding applying for scholarships, contact

Missionary Children Scholarships

General Scholarships

Scholarship and Grant Applications





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An Invitation - 34 Days. 34 Stories. 34 Opportunities. 04/08/14

Celebrating 125 years of WMU has been really fun. There are some truly incredible women who refused to sit silently when God called them to action. If you haven't already, read Rosalie Hunt's account of the women who came together with a "singleness of purpose," in We've a Story to Tell: 125 Years of WMU.

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