Honor and Memorial Gifts

If you have a missions lover on your Christmas list, make a gift to the WMU Foundation in their honor. You can also remember a special person by making a gift in their memory. Make your Christmas honor and memorial gifts by December 18 so that we can let them know you have given. Contact us if you have questions about year-end giving.


HEART Fund Help for Liberia

The container of food is set to arrive in Liberia within the next couple of weeks. It should arrive in time for Christmas. Thank you for your support.

We will update you as soon as we know the container has arrived in Liberia.


WMU Foundation offers grants to aid victims of human trafficking

GIVE NOW! Make a gift to the Hayes Endowment to Combat Human Trafficking

The WMU Foundation recently made grants to The WellHouse in Birmingham, Ala., and Turlac Ministries in Moldova, two organizations that fight human trafficking and aid trafficking victims. The grants were made from the WMU Foundation’s Hayes Endowment, which was established by David and Judi Hayes to specifically address the needs of trafficking victims.


Over $86,000 in Scholarships Given

Many students are heading back to school, including MKs (missionary kids) and those who are preparing for missions service. The WMU Foundation proudly supports our Southern Baptist MKs and our future missionary leaders by providing scholarships. In 2014, we have given 90 scholarships totaling over $86,000. We pray that we're able to give much more in coming years. Give online today to support any of our scholarships. Your gifts make a difference.


Make a WMU Difference

What has WMU meant to your life? Make that possible for someone else by giving to the WMU Foundation. Your gift will make a WMU difference for someone who needs missions, ministry, leadership, and passion for Christ in their life. Give online today and contact us for more information about making a planned gift.

Give 34

Beginning May 7, $34 and 34 days can change the world.

Wanda Lee Joy Fund

The Wanda Lee Joy Fund supports the operating needs of national WMU both now and into the future.

Touch Tomorrow Today

Touch Tomorrow Today Endowments allow you to support your state WMU AND National WMU at the same time.

WMU Foundation Blog
Obedience Without Borders 10/14/14

Christians are called to love others, to respond to their needs, to help in the name of Christ. And then comes Ebola. How do we love and help and meet needs in the face of a deadly and potentially incurable disease?

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