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  • Supporting WMU

    The WMU Foundation financially supports WMU® and her ministry partners.

  • Giving to Missions

    Whatever your missions passion, the WMU Foundation offers a way for you to give.

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    One hundred percent of your gift goes to the cause for which you designate.

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Scholarships and Missions

WMU and the WMU Foundation have been long-time supporters of missionary kids (MKs) who serve alongside their parents. There are so many wonderful ways to support missionaries, and caring for their children is one way that to show our support in a real and tangible way. The WMU Foundation strives to do this in several ways including our scholarship program.

Since the WMU Foundation was created in 1995, we have given scholarships to over 950 students. More than four hundred were MKs.

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  • 33%
    of youth exposed to community violence will experience PTSD. 
  • 45%
    of adults in the United States are unchurched.
  • 21%
    of young people with a Christian background say Christian beliefs don’t make sense to them.
  • 39%
    of Millennials don’t go to church because they say they find God elsewhere.

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